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its the freakin’ weekend!!!

13 Feb

rain the day away

21 Nov

rain room at moma 12



has been a really blah week.. and the weekend is nigh :D

now it is raining… and has been since morning when i started this post!!!

i would love to go dancing in the rain right now!!!!

it would be so nice for the rain to continue until the end of day..

then in the morning for the sunshine to come ouuuttttt!!!!!!! :D


weekend folksss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;p


14 Nov



can someone up there please give me a break? please???

i am sooooo tired!!

on the plus sideee!!!!!!! my best friend is hereee from kuwait!! and i just wanna have fun and not be bundled up and/or drugged ;p

all i need is love… and a puppy ;p


Work on Saturdays

11 Oct



Since I got back from my trip (which I still didn’t have time to write about) I have been crazy busy. Many changes happened at work (good changes) and im very glad it did. But unfortunately from now on I have to work on Saturdays :(

I have NEVER worked on Saturdays, never had a job where people go to work on Saturdays or have nigh shifts (glad the second is not the case here) but I couldn’t really complain. Actually, it’s not as bad as I used to think, cuz usually Saturdays are more quiet, so you get to be more productive, the streets are empty and you don’t feel its saturday really, it’s just like any other day. It only bugs me on Friday when I realize that the weekend is over!

Before that, I used to stay home on Thursdays just to chill and relax, go out on Fridays and run my errands on Saturdays. Now I have to do everything that I have to do on Thursday, just to be free on Friday so I can hang out with my friends. It’s not easy, I just think it’s a matter of time where I get used to it :)

Who else works on saturday? please tell me that you do :P

it’s theee weeekend!! i’m gonna dieeeee!!!

10 Oct



ITS THEE WEEEKENNNDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (almost)

enufff saiddd!!


work work work

19 Sep



my whole life seems to revolve around work right now..

with post work events – social ones – as well as the 9 hours we already spend at work… the week seems to have disappeared… (have to hang out with them tonight tooooo)

i just need more time to do my own stuff!

i want to chill and relax and have a bundle of fun doing nothing really ;p

last weekend – we were at work for about 4 hours… which really sucked… so glad to have my weekend this week!

so let’s celebrate! weekend is almost here… and time to shut off! :D

sticks and stones

5 Sep


hi you guys!!!

sorry for the delayed post! I have been travelling from the beginning of the week..

and now just completed 2 days at my new job..

the people seem so friendly which is nice!

in addition – we get:

breakfast every Thursday

frappuccinos and coffees served to us! (thank you kooky!!) – amazing coffee from a nespresso machine

parking (one week every 2-3 months (hey! its something)) ;p

I dunno what else yet – but in my last two days I have already saved money! ;p

its nice that they do quite a bit for the people here – the computers are nicer… the office is smaller

I sit with some lovely people… one of the girls keeps singing the sticks and stones may break my bones song – hence the title ;p

all I hope now is that I settle in very soon and measure up to expectations! ;p

wish me luuucckkkk :D


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