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Funny “Gravity” Inspired Thriller

16 Nov


If you have been to IKEA and have watched Gravity, then you will like the video! Enjoy :)

TV: Orange is the New Black

21 Oct


A week ago I heard about a new show that’s aired on Netflix called Orange is the New Black, it sounded interesting so I downloaded the whole season and started watching it. It’s all about prison drama, but not just any drama, female prison drama!

The show is fresh and new and based on a true story, it reminded me so much of Prison Break, but with a fun and comedic side, more drama than action, and it’s definitely not about “how to escape prison”. I gotta warn you though, it has some sexual content.

There isn’t much to say actually, you gotta give it a try and let me know what you think. I personally can’t wait for the second season to be out in 2014. Here is the trailer:


TV: Sex & the City

23 Jun


I have been very much into series lately, and I have NEVER thought that I would say this, but this show is actually really good! I have heard so many about it for the last decade till I was like “I need to know whats this whole fuss about”, so I got all the seasons and started watching them back to back. It took me a month many to finish them and I was sad too! Its soo funny, interesting and entertaining. What do you think about it?

What I was surprised about also are the movies! I didn’t expect them to be good actually, but I really enjoyed them too, I would probably watch them again.

So why I never thought I would like the show? well..simply because of Sarah Jessica Parker (a.k.a horse face). I never liked her, her acting or anything about her. I was shocked when I first saw her in season one (she looked very young…and…OK), comparing to how she looks in her latest movies! I also became to like her through the seasons, which shocked me even more, but she’s good!

Who would be my favourite character, well, I guess everyone would say this..SAMANTHA! she is absolutely hilarious. Whose yours?

Well..I think i had to let this out. Now next on the watch list is Game of Thrones and perhaps scandal.


Picture of the Week: Watch Your Step

14 Jun

Les Dents du Midi, seen from Champoussin, Switzerland. Photo and caption by Florin Biscu


The Mystery Behind the 11:11

8 Feb

Its been almost 3 months since I started seeing these numbers frequently (every 2 to 3 days), am not a myth freak or who would believe such things (just because I wouldn’t bother) but I’m interested to read about them, so I did! and I was surprised that a lot of people are going through the same thing. a coincidence? maybe! depends on who you would ask.

I’m a person who looks at the time a lot, so I would probably do that 5-6 times every hour. Living in a house where we have a clock on the wall in almost every room (including the bathroom) made me always aware of the time and it became a habit whether am at home, in the office, or outside checking the time on my mobile. This thing started a couple of months ago when I looked at the time and it was 11:11 and I was like “awwww I should make a wish” so I did! the second time, the third time, then it got a bit weird!

I’m not a person who believes in superstition and actually make it as a rule I live on, but sometimes I get curious, is it really a coincidence? is the universe trying to tell me something? either ways am sure I would never find out and I should probably let it go! but I was like what the hell, lets google it and that’s when I found out that there’s a huge number of people who experience the exact same thing for a very long time! hmmmm

So this post isn’t really about getting to a point or an understanding what it really means, I just wanted to share this with you guys, maybe some of you is facing the same thing, and INCASE anything happened with that number or date, REMEMBER THAT I SAID IT FIRST :P

TV: Whats On Moody’s List?

14 Nov

After my addiction to Modern Family & Up All Night, I have started to look for some new cool shows that are easy and fun to watch, I tried to take some recommendations from here and there, but at the end its a matter of taste and different interests, so I started watching trailers untill I decided on a couple that am enjoying VERY much :D

Here is a show that’s only 20 minutes long and funny! Not TOO funny of course, but they have some good jokes. This show is called 2 Broke Girls, which talks about to waitresses in their mid twenties. One of them comes from a poor family and struggling through her life to earn money, the other comes from a very rich family but her dad went to jail so she has to do this so she wouldn’t end up on the street. The show is still new, but the more I watch the more I like it, or probably get used to it, give it a shot :)

Next on the list is Mike & Molly! another comedy show that’s been on for 2 seasons so far, I don’t know how I didn’t hear about it before but it has some good laughs! The show talks about Mike & Molly who are both overweight and struggling with their life and relationships. No it’s not like they make fun of fat people, but they show you how they feel about it with some good laughs here and there. Its worth watching specially that I loved Molly’s character in Bridesmaids, I thought she was hilarious :)

If you liked the movie Friends with Benefits then you probably will like this one too. The story is very similar but it goes around a group of friends trying to find the perfect mate, the funny stories of their dates, problems and family issues. I see it as a mix of the movie and Friends! still fun to watch.

The last one on the list is a bit different, it’s not a comedy show and it’s not totally my type of shows but somehow got me interested. I got to know about this show through His & Hers and the trailer caught my attention. Person of Interest is a show that revolves around Finch and John Reese who both come from different backgrounds and work together to help to prevent crimes before happening based on a secret intelligent machine. Part of my interest in this show was having Michael Emerson in the show, he had a deep impact on LOST and am just curious to see him in other roles.

Thats it for my current list, am happy with these shows now, of course adding to them Modern Family, Desperate Housewives and Up All Night (Cant wait for Spartacus), I think this amount of shows is more than enough to keep me busy for a long time :D what about you, whats on your list?

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