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Photos: Actors Revisit their Old Roles

15 May

In the 20th anniversary of Empire Magazine (the largest selling film magazine in Britain) they published a special edition that was guest-edited by Steven Spielberg.

Under the title “The Birthday Portfolio”, Empire had an exclusive star-studded photo shoot that paid tribute to some of the most iconic moments in movies in the last 20 years (1989 – 2009). The 20th anniversary issue featured over 27 Hollywood stars reliving some of their famous performances in their normal everyday attire.

Check out the pictures below and tell me whose your best! For me, Gerrard kicks ass :P

Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Terminator

Anthony Hopkins & Jodie Foster – The Silence of the Lambs

Mel Gibson – Braveheart

Gerard Butler – 300

Sean Bean & Viggo Mortensen – The Lord of the Rings Series

Sam Neill – Jurassic Park

Tom Cruise – Minority Report

Laurence Fishburne – The Matrix

Ben Stiller – Zoolander

Keira Knightley & James McAvoy – Atonement

Event: Nancy Introducing Good Health Magazine

14 May

Last week we were invited to the launch of the Arabic version of Good Health magazine (originally Australian) at Shaikha Salwa Al Sabah ballroom at Marina Crescent. The event started at 6 and to my surprise there weren’t much people. They brought Nancy Ajram for the launch as she is the cover girl of their first issue. I was excited to meet Nancy as its my first time, however I was SO surprised of how things were going! There weren’t any security, the event wasnt organized enough, and everything was happening randomly.

What did I think of Nancy?

Well, she seemed to be a very nice person and SHY! I didn’t think she would be like that as she’s a celebrity and probably too used to this, but she was sitting quietly, giving shy smiles and maybe a bit scared lol. But besides that, she was sweet to everyone and not minding taking pictures and signing the magazines.

There was also different sections in the room where they had a woman reading the ora of whoever is interested. I took my chances on that and she was right about a lot of things! the most important thing that she told me is that my kidneys are calling for water and that i should drink a lot of it (I DONT DRINK WATER AT ALL) so I think I should listen to my kidneys more often. Also there was a bar where they were serving weird drinks of fruits and vegetables.

Overall, It was a nice event, tho it would have been a definite success if there was a press conference and if it was more organized.

Moody ‘N Cheeky on Jazeera Airways Inflight Magazine

22 Feb

A month ago we were contacted by Jazeera Airways agency that are in charge of their Inflight Magazine as they picked us to be part of their “I Heart Kuwait” series that was published this month as part of the National & Liberation day celebration. We were asked to pick a place that we like to go to in Kuwait and where else would we chose other than the fun and exciting “Shooting Range” :D

It was our first time to be featured in a magazine, and since then people started unexpectedly calling us after they have seen the magazine! Its weird in a way or another but we did enjoy it :) and now we are taking this chance to share it with you, simply because we DO heart Kuwait, we heart our blog and we heart our readers :D

If you are asking why did we chose the shooting range, well if you didn’t go there before they wouldn’t probably know what kind of thrill you are missing! It’s such an amazing place to let off some stress and forget about your hectic day and issues. Holding a real gun is definitely not like how you imagined it would be or as you see it in movies, its heavy and it’s not easy to just aim and shoot (that’s ofourse if you wanna hit the target properly :P).

First time I took Cheeky to this place she didn’t show any excitement, she was complaining that she would probably get a headache even before we enter! However, her face expressions changed 180 degrees after she was done, she was excited, thrilled and wanted to do it again! now that’s more like it ;)

One thing I have noticed every time i go there is that guys SUCK! sorry guys but you do (unless you are an exception :P) I see them leaving the range with their paper that has more than 20 holes and non of them is even close to the 7 circle! seriously guys?

We should set a day where we all bloggers hit the place and start shooting! maybe we can have a competition of the best shooting blogger :P how about that? hit me back with your opinion and maybe we can arrange something.

We would like to thank Jazeera Airways for communicating with us, we appreciate your support :)

Video: The Power of FotoShop by Adobé

11 Jan

Would you use it if this was real? I know I would :P

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