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Call of Duty: Ghosts

2 Nov


Yes I’m not that young, yes I still play video games, yes I am a girl, and yes I can’t wait for the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Do you have that soldier in you?

PS: Xcite is having an event for the release of the game on the 4th at Safat Al Ghanim, the game will be available on the 5th.

Hot Music: Katy Perry – Dark Horse

6 Oct


I fell in love with the song from the first time i heard it. Since i didnt like Roar at all, this beat killed it. Cant wait for the official clip! Katy Perry is on FIREE!!

Cause: #iThank by Al Nowair

5 Jul

Al Nowair is back with a great cause campaign. #iThank is a campaign to spread love and gratitude to everyone around you. The campaign will start mid of July, we will let you know more details about it then!

What do you think? will you participate? I know I will :)

Event: Honda Exclusive Launch

11 Jun


As a celebration of Alghanim being the owners of the brand Honda in Kuwait, we were invited to the exclusive launch event on Sunday at the Ice Skating Rink. The event was invitations only and we were lucky to attend.

The event had a whole schedule of many shows presnted by Talal AlYaqoub and someone that i dont know. It started with a Kuwaiti clutural band, followed by a show for Asimo the robot which is a first timer in Kuwait.

Asimo the robot is a very smart robot that is designed by Honda over the years, it’s not the first but the latest of its generation (new one coming next year). You would be surprised how smooth the movements and how smart this robot can be! It would be hard to describe it to you and it was even harder to take a video of the whole thing, but here’s something that I found on the internet that can give you an idea:

After Asimo, there was a drummers show (which happen to be really good) and another show (that we barely saw anything from due to the bad seating and everyone holding their cameras in the air) and a laser show.

Last but not least, what everyone was waiting for, Hussain Al Jasmi came in and performed a very nice an hour and a half concert. I’m not really a big fan, but it enjoyed the live music until people started getting up and leaving in the middle of it, which I thought was kinda rude, but whatever, it was a great one :)

Overall, the event was really good, we had a good time, we wish the seating was more comfortable and the air conditioning was better, but that’s not the point! The point is that we want to congratulate Honda on this awesome event and for a great start! Oh and I won an iPad too! :D Check the video on our channel:

Thanks Honda Kuwait! You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. A video of Hussain Al Jasmi will be uploaded later.

Review: Bice

10 Jun


We were invited last week to try out the new summer menu for Bice which is an Italian restaurant located in AlHamra Luxury Center.  We were warmly welcomed by the management and taken to be seated. It was our first time to try this place and we didn’t regret it :)

The atmosphere is elegant but cozy at the same time. To our luck, live music was playing and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. But the moment the food got there, we sure did forget about the music :P

You will  have to excuse me if I couldn’t remember the names of those dishes, but ill try my best, if you are really interested, feel free to steal the picture :P

For the starters, we have ordered the crab cake, which apparently tasted really good, even if am not a big fan of crab cakes! Caesar salad and Scallops salad. Along with the starters, we had tried some cocktails, both were really good.

As for the main courses, we went for the ravioli and the Rib Eye. Both were very delicious, specially the Rib Eye which was cooked perfectly just like how I ordered it. Highly recommended.

Overall, it was very delicious, relaxing and very welcoming. If you havent been there yet, make sure you visit soon. Soon we will be trying out Bice Mare, which is the seafood branch of Bice opening soon in Marina Waves.

Thank you Bice for inviting us and the yummy food :)

Event: Ruby Tuesday’s Bloggers Event

31 May

A couple of days ago we were invited to Ruby Tuesday’s Bloggers event to try our their new dishes and menu. We were warmly greeted by the management of Ruby Tuesday and hit the long journey of tasting the dishes. Sadly, we couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but it was fun to hear the stories behind Ruby Tuesday’s history, how the owners made it and where it is right now. It was cozy and everyone got to enjoy the food and the conversation.

Thank you Ruby Tuesday for the invitation. If you havent had Ruby Tuesday for a while, now is the time! Oh, and don’t forget to finish your meal with some cheesecake!

Enjoy the pictures :)

Review: Jumeirah Messilah Beach

22 May


Yesterday we were invited to have alook inside the new Jumeirah Messilah Beach. Everyone was eager to see what we have been long waiting for to open, and now it’s here, and it’s really something! Too bad Cheeky wasn’t here (she left 2 days back to Dubai) though she would have liked the tour :)

I was greeted by the generous team of Jumeirah who took us around the place. Everyone was nice and sweet, so before I go on, just wanted to say thank you!

The tour included the following: Lobby, Executive Rooms, Residential Apartments, Wedding and events ballrooms, Bridal Suite, Restaurants, and the amazing pool and beach. It will take me forever to tell you details about what I have seen, and am not sure it would be easy to describe to begin with, but I will be letting you know my opinion in general, and you can see all the pictures below.

Overall Look & Feel:

Exotic! This is the feeling that i got from the whole place (excluding the rooms). The whole atmosphere, luxurious space, big pieces of artistic statues everywhere, ceiling and floors, all gave me that kind of feeling.

Rooms and Suites:

Just like any other 5 stars hotel, you expect something and that’s what you get, nothing more, nothing less. However, I haven’t stayed in the hotel and got to experience it, so it maybe different once you live in it, but from what I have seen, nothing caught my attention except probably the extra space. The only thing that I really liked was the front door camera, where you get to see whose knocking at your door through your tv, that’s cool :P

Wedding and Events ballrooms:

These were definitely spacious, crazy spacious! Amazing ceiling, decoration details and with a private door leading towards it, so if you have an event, you wouldn’t have to walk through the lobby to reach it. A cool idea is that they have a bridal suite (only for the bride) to celebrate with her family and friends before the wedding. Big spacious suite with one bed only :P so you party and leave :P I loved the idea, however it felt really big but not cozy at all!


It would be difficult to judge based on walking through them only! but I liked the atmosphere of each, different styles and felt unique. Will definitely visit again and give some of them a try.

The Pool & Beach Area:

Now this is where ALL the luxury is! Amazing decoration, huge pools, kids area, humongous fish statue in the middle with a fountain, bar inside the pool, i mean what can I say, I absolutely loved it, will be definitely visiting VERY soon and get to experience it. We had dinner outside (though the weather was bad) but it was kinda worth it.

My thoughts? I HAVE to visit again, maybe spend a weekend to really get the experience of this great place. Thanks again for the invite guys, keep up the good work :)

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