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Event: Ruby Tuesday’s Bloggers Event

31 May

A couple of days ago we were invited to Ruby Tuesday’s Bloggers event to try our their new dishes and menu. We were warmly greeted by the management of Ruby Tuesday and hit the long journey of tasting the dishes. Sadly, we couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but it was fun to hear the stories behind Ruby Tuesday’s history, how the owners made it and where it is right now. It was cozy and everyone got to enjoy the food and the conversation.

Thank you Ruby Tuesday for the invitation. If you havent had Ruby Tuesday for a while, now is the time! Oh, and don’t forget to finish your meal with some cheesecake!

Enjoy the pictures :)

Review: Jumeirah Messilah Beach

22 May


Yesterday we were invited to have alook inside the new Jumeirah Messilah Beach. Everyone was eager to see what we have been long waiting for to open, and now it’s here, and it’s really something! Too bad Cheeky wasn’t here (she left 2 days back to Dubai) though she would have liked the tour :)

I was greeted by the generous team of Jumeirah who took us around the place. Everyone was nice and sweet, so before I go on, just wanted to say thank you!

The tour included the following: Lobby, Executive Rooms, Residential Apartments, Wedding and events ballrooms, Bridal Suite, Restaurants, and the amazing pool and beach. It will take me forever to tell you details about what I have seen, and am not sure it would be easy to describe to begin with, but I will be letting you know my opinion in general, and you can see all the pictures below.

Overall Look & Feel:

Exotic! This is the feeling that i got from the whole place (excluding the rooms). The whole atmosphere, luxurious space, big pieces of artistic statues everywhere, ceiling and floors, all gave me that kind of feeling.

Rooms and Suites:

Just like any other 5 stars hotel, you expect something and that’s what you get, nothing more, nothing less. However, I haven’t stayed in the hotel and got to experience it, so it maybe different once you live in it, but from what I have seen, nothing caught my attention except probably the extra space. The only thing that I really liked was the front door camera, where you get to see whose knocking at your door through your tv, that’s cool :P

Wedding and Events ballrooms:

These were definitely spacious, crazy spacious! Amazing ceiling, decoration details and with a private door leading towards it, so if you have an event, you wouldn’t have to walk through the lobby to reach it. A cool idea is that they have a bridal suite (only for the bride) to celebrate with her family and friends before the wedding. Big spacious suite with one bed only :P so you party and leave :P I loved the idea, however it felt really big but not cozy at all!


It would be difficult to judge based on walking through them only! but I liked the atmosphere of each, different styles and felt unique. Will definitely visit again and give some of them a try.

The Pool & Beach Area:

Now this is where ALL the luxury is! Amazing decoration, huge pools, kids area, humongous fish statue in the middle with a fountain, bar inside the pool, i mean what can I say, I absolutely loved it, will be definitely visiting VERY soon and get to experience it. We had dinner outside (though the weather was bad) but it was kinda worth it.

My thoughts? I HAVE to visit again, maybe spend a weekend to really get the experience of this great place. Thanks again for the invite guys, keep up the good work :)

popcorn @ tiffany’s?!?!

16 May


yesterday, my friend managed to score an invite to the Tiffany & Co event – they were showcasing The Great Gatsby jewellery and giving out cinema tickets for the movie in a private showing @ Dubai Mall!

everyone was dressed sooo glamourously! and the ushers had little flapper dresses – they looked absolutely stunning!!

so her and I went along – and wow! the whole event was soooo well organised! it was super impressive.. we walked into the store and had a quick look around the jewellery! it was sooo beautiful…

and then we were escorted to the mall taxis – with dressed up chauffeurs – who took us to the cinema… it was so surreal! being all dressed up and being inside a mall on this little car… when we got upstairs to the cinema – we were served popcorn and drinks (in a Tiffany’s cup! how lovely!!)

the cinema was made up entirely of gorgeously dressed people – it just felt very odd being dressed up in a cinema – i loved it!

at the beginning of the movie – we learnt a lot about how F. Scott Fitzgerald had a close connection to Tiffany & Co – it was very dear to him and a usual choice for gifts…

and the movie was just amazing! (review to follow soon ;p)

i couldn’t take my eyes of some of the jewellery!

it was an amazing experience!!!!

I love u even more now TIFFANY & CO!

IMG-20130516-WA002 (1)




6 May



now, its not everyday one has a birthday, well, it occurs precisely once a year!!!! so i would like to tell you a bit about her…

Moody and I have been buddies for a long time, and here are 5 facts about her you may not know when you first meet her:

1) She is super hard working – despite her chilled out persona

2) She is a super loyal friend and would go to great lengths for her friends!

3) She is good at everything she does – not just good – pretty flipping phenomenal (i have said this before – but i have to mention it again)

4) She tells it like it is – no beating around the bush! She will be honest with you and doesn’t care if it hurts your feelings (I respect this a lot)

5) She has a pink room – out of her on choosing! :D

Happy Birthday Moody!!!!

i hope  you have a wonderful day and an amazing year ahead!!!


seee you sooonn!!!!

Review: Figs by Todd English

28 Mar


We were invited yesterday by Figs for their new branch opening at the Avenues (Grand Avenues). It was my first time to try out figs, and I refused to read about it and know more before I go there, just wanted to surprise myself..and sure I did :)

Its located right above Texas RoadHouse, the place isn’t huge, but sure takes agood number of people. My first impression is that I liked the decoration of the place, calm and modern atmosphere, comfortable seating and great music playing in the background. 



We had a special menu waiting for us, which i understood that had many new items and some of their best sellers on. We tried to go out of our comfort zone while picking things out of the menu, and it wasnt the wrong thing to do at all! Their dishes were different, new, and delicious. Before we started ordering, we were offered some fresh bread with black olives in olive oil. As for the drinks, we tried the Strawberry Mojito and the Apple Martini which were very refreshing. However, I would have less mint in the mojito, it’s just very annoying when it gets stuck in your straw :P


As for the appetizers, we had the Rhode Island Calamari (Very tasty, the sauce is really good and salted nicely), the Chicken Pastrami with Avocado salad (I wouldn’t say it was my favourite, I love avocado but somehow it has a lot fo garlic flavor. but the overall seasoning was great), and the Chicken Pie (now this one was awesome, it has chicken with vegetables inside which tasted really good, i would have this anytime!). Overall, great appetizers, the Calamari is highly recommended if you like fried food, the Chicken Pie for something lighter.




We were also offered by the chef a cheese pizza for appetizers. I don’t have special feelings towards pizza in general, but i would say this one was good. Not too oily, the crust was soft and the cheese was good! Maybe next time I will give their pizzas a try.


Now for the main courses, we tried the meat, the chicken, and the fish! Lets get into more details:

For the meat, we tried the Veal Tenderloin, which was cooked perfectly just like how we ordered (medium well). It comes with mashed potato, spinach and I believe some fried onion on the top. I forgot what the chicken was called but I believe it was Chicken Scallopini. Its grilled chicken also spread on mashed potatoes, asparagus and some delicious mushrooms, not sure what kind but it just tasted so good! The third is the Hamour fish, same thing with the mashed potato, topped with fried greeny stuff and great sauce. Very soft and well cooked.




We were done by that time, until the dessert menu came in and we had a look at whats on. It was a must I guess! The names and the description of each was mouth-watering, so we had to give it a try. The first one was Camp Fire S’mores and the second was the Butterscotch. I don’t think I need to say more, the name says it all, and the pictures are not even close to how good they taste. It’s just so many flavors hit you all at once! I don’t know what I liked about them, all I know is they were good…REALLY GOOD!



Final verdict? I loved the place. The food is good quality, the dessert was a killer, and the atmosphere is great! I would give it a try again soon and pick different dishes and let you know! Thank you to all the team behind Figs and special thanks to Nancy :)

You can follow them to know more on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Event: Earth Hour

23 Mar


Today the world is celebrating Earth Hour. It’s a move that was made to help humanity and protect this planet for our next generations. What are you going to do today? You can help by doing the simplest things of switching off the lights of your house, your gadgets and just appreciate the darkness and silence for an hour. And please don’t just choose to go to bed :P

Too bad ill be working at the time, but I would have enjoyed celebrating it :)

Event: NBK Walkathon & Competition!

21 Mar


For the 19th year (wow..thats along time ago!), NBK is hosting their annual Walkathon that takes place on the gulf road. It amazes me every year of the amount of people and the different ages that actually participate! It’s a very fun day that brings joy to everyone, and whats better than being healthy!

I have participated for 4 years in a row, then I stopped, its like every time something comes up that stops me from going, but it shouldnt stop YOU! go on and have a blast with your family and friends.

This year NBK is doing something a bit different, not only you will be walking supporting your OWN cause, but you can also win Galaxy Camera by taking a picture of the walkathon. The best 3 pictures will win the Galaxy camera, now that’s pretty cool ;)

For more information, follow them on Instagram

Picture of the Week: Flower Carpet

28 Feb


Video: Malek Jandali in Kuwait

23 Feb


Last month I posted about the event that happened in GUST to support Syria “Jasmine Call” where they brought an international pianist (originally Syrian) to play some of his pieces.

The video above has some clips of his amazing show. Enjoy!

The Long Holiday

22 Feb


As most of you already have traveled, and some of you hit the camps and shalaihs for the long holiday, I sit here and do nothing :( Everyone is extremely excited about the long holiday, and made lots of plans, but I couldn’t cuz it seems am not taking Sunday off, plus I have an event for work on Monday, so that probably killed it.

But now looking at it, what would I do if I really had the long holiday? would I travel? Ofcourse not, cuz I just hate packed airports and let’s be honest, 75% of Kuwait already traveled! Ok so what would I do then? Probably go out more, see friends, do absolutely nothing! Which is kinda the same. So maybe I shouldnt feel so bad about this after all.

So what are you guys doing? are traveling anywhere interesting? doing any fun activity around Kuwait? anything different maybe? please do share it with us, we would love to hear about it :) Have a great one all, we love you Kuwait.

Oh and if you are not from Kuwait, we are having this long holiday as a celebration of the national and independence day (25, 26 Feb).

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